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Tomorrow, today will be yesterday!

The power of having visions partly results from knowing about and dealing with the past. Only when knowing the past, we are free to make out and follow new ways.

Foto: Alte Aufnahme vom Innenhof

In this sense, visions of the past and visions for the future become clearly visible at the Zinkhütter Hof. This is also reflected in an unusuable concept: In addition to the exhibits, our museum offers well-epuipped conference rooms for any type of events. The building of our former glass factory serves as a particularly interesting meeting place for representatives of economy and business as well as culture.

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As a museum of industrial, economic and social history in the region of Aachen, the Zinkhütter Hof presents the evolution of one of the oldest industrial regions in central Europe. It explains the attitudes of inventors, workers, investors, industrial leaders and of the gouvernment in those days.The impact of industrialization on every day life and the influennce on the life-style of today are important and major topics. Finally it is shown, how visions of former times gradually glided into and became part of the past.

With our commitment to historical research, our museum also contributes to developing and forming visions for the future.



Grafik: Invitation for Galminus' game
Grafik: Feiern Sie Ihre Veranstaltung bei uns!


The museum Zinkhütter Hof is a partner in the Netzwerk Industriekultur im Landschaftsverband Rheinland.


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