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Educational program and pedagogic activities

The Zinkhütter Hof offers a wide range of activities and workshops for children and youngsters. In the following we present some of our projects which may find your interest. Perhaps we can encourage you and your children or pupils to partake in our exciting program.

By combining our standard program items with a visit to the Industrion in Kerkrade or with a tour to our famous "Kupferhöfe" (copper yards) for example, we can offer a you a special agenda, particularly tailored to your wishes and demands.

Furthermore we can make arrangements - also extending over several days - with the opportunity to experience living history, for instance building and running a historical furnace to smelt iron ore .

Please note, that downloading of videos requires some time.

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The vidoe is available for Download (33MB). If problems occur with respect to replaying the video, please note  help function.

Information and booking

Museum Zinkhütter Hof
Petra Grüttemeier (Museumspädagogik)
Cockerillstraße 90
D-52222 Stolberg
Telefon: (0 24 02) 90 31 30
E-Mail: zinkhuetter-hof(at)museumstolberg.de

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Grafik: Invitation for Galminus' game
Grafik: Feiern Sie Ihre Veranstaltung bei uns!


The museum Zinkhütter Hof is a partner in the Netzwerk Industriekultur im Landschaftsverband Rheinland.


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